Tips for the Potential PPC Candidate

Tips for the Potential PPC Candidate

Before you answer this question let me describe to you what is PPC management.


PPC management will include a lot of work with numbers, i.e. generating performance reports and analyzing the best and worst in each report and try to find new opportunities. Another big part of the job is marketing and creativity. You will need to write ad copies, think of a marketing approach and suggest changes to the client’s website and banners.


This kind of job will make you work both your logical side and the creative side of your brain. PPC is all about statistical data, and for that you will have to create ongoing tests in order to keep improving your performance, but you’ll have to make sure that your “experiment” is untouched and is not disturbed by other factors – there for your logical side of the brain will work. You will have to keep coming with new and exciting ways to improve your performance by improve relevancy, improve CTR (what will make users click on your ad), and think about new ways of reaching your prospective customers – there for you creative side of the brain will work.


Thought it seems like I’ve summarized the whole job in 6 lines, you will constantly have something to do and you will always learn new things. This industry of search marketing, and PPC specifically, is very dynamic and changing all the time. New features will always be released, new ways of reaching customers will always be invented (is that a good word for it?), and the rules of the “game” keep on changing.


Other than what has described above, PPC is, of course, a job that requires you to be almost 100% of your time in front of a computer. Also, it will require you to understand the online industry very well and understand how users tend to feel and behave online. You will also have to constantly keep yourself updated by reading blogs and follow on what’s going on in the industry, otherwise you’ll be left behind.


After your read what PPC management is about, and before you decide if PPC is for you, answer these following questions:

  • Do you like working with numbers and reports?
  • Do you consider yourself creative?
  • Do you like working on the computer and online?
  • Are you hungry for knowledge?
  • Do you like commercials and marketing?
  • Are you a people person? (after all you do have colleagues and clients)

If all your answers are “yes” than you should consider a PPC course with Seperia College or check out Seperia’s PPC intern opening.