Sales Position for Seperia College

Sales Position for Seperia College

Job number: 160 

Seperia is hiring a salesman responsible for selling our advanced PPC course. Seperia College offers highly professional courses in the field of PPC & digital marketing, mostly Google AdWords & Facebook Ads platforms.

The position includes two levels:

  1. Sales

Receiving calls from interested leads, calling leads, holding face-to-face meetings, and closing the registration (the job does not include “cold conversations”).

  1. Marketing layer

Seperia College’s website management that includes content, social media, community management, and more.

The position is suitable for beginners in the field, with a marketing orientation and high motivation to meet marketing and sales goals.


  • Sales orientation (over the phone and frontal) – mandatory
  • Managing social networks – advantage
  • Responsibility, seriousness, perseverance, and the ability to manage oneself – mandatory
  • Experience in sales of at least a year – advantage
  • Experience in telephone sales – advantage
  • Getting around in a computerized environment
  • The ability to articulate in writing and orally
  • Experience in writing and content creation – advantage

Job description:

  • Full time job (Sun-Thu)
  • Receiving calls and inquiries from interested leads (only incoming calls without cold calling!), understanding their needs, sorting leads and managing CRM, holding a frontal meeting with relevant leads and closing sales.
  • College marketing includes the production and distribution of content, video, management of social networking pages.
  • Managing graduated students – involvement in jobs, professional workshops & community development.
  • Base salary + bonuses according to goals.
  • A light meal is provided free of charge.
  • A young and family atmosphere.

Send your CV to jobs@seperia.com, or use the form below: