PPC Campaign Manager

PPC Campaign Manager

Job number: 151  Status: Full Time

We’re happy to inform that we are recruiting for a challenging, broad and rewarding PPC position in a pure performance environment without the element of customer service
Seperia offers career opportunities within some of the web’s most challenging markets.
A Good PPC campaign manager is detail oriented, analytical, proactive and creative.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Management and optimization of paid search accounts in programs including Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Yahoo, Bing

  • Work to meet numerical CPA and acquisition volume targets

  • Keyword discovery and taxonomy – create comprehensive keyword lists and assign them into classes and categories for implementation in the ad systems

  • Write ad creatives for different channels and groups.

  • Landing page matching to ads, and ongoing optimization

  • Account design

  • Bidding

  • Reporting

Job Requirements:

  • One year of hands-on experience with Adwords and/or facebook advertising – required
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Must be highly organized, and sharp individual
  • Acquaintance with web analytics systems – advantage
  • High work ethics and focus on measurable results – a must
  • Additional languages – an advantage
  • This position offers a highly unique work environment and excellent career prospects in both professional development and managerial prospects.


Send your CV to jobs@seperia.com, or use the form below: