Multi-Cultural Client Acquisition Campaign for a New Product
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Multi-Cultural Client Acquisition Campaign for a New Product

August 22nd, 2013, By

Payoneer is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world, ranking 34th on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™. The company provides a payment service for corporations, selling agents, affiliates and service providers, in 210 countries.


Payoneer launched a new payment receiving solution for freelancers, software developers and other professionals working for overseas companies. Potential users were located in Latin America, Russia, South East Asia and other countries, where money transfer is logistically difficult and costly.


Reaching such diverse audience is a marketing challenge. The key to success in such a global campaign lies in comprehensive localization: from local trends and terminology to understanding nuances in language and culture. Seperia’s team conducted an in-depth research and came up with a PPC multicultural marketing strategy with special emphasis on:


  • Language localization: specific ads were created not only per language but also for each county, with its specific nuances. A Spanish copy for Argentina is different from a copy for Spain or Chile. Using accurate local terminology wins users’ trust and gets them to converts at much higher rates.
  • National Localization: the localization continues throughout the sales funnel, from the ad to a designated landing page to Payoneer’s web site. Pages were created for each country with its flag, phone and other local attributes.
  • Marketing message localization: the team also researched the specific needs in each country and assigned the right messages. For example, in a certain country, users are reluctant to receive payments in local currency, so the message highlights the option of local payment in foreign currency.

An AdWords campaign was launched for Search and GDN in 16 different languages and was constantly optimized with the incoming data.


The Results


  • In about 6 months, through tight Edge.Bi integration, we were able to estimate each segment and predict client value range with good accuracy.
  • This enabled scaling up the account, from 0 to 10’s of thousands of signups and 1000s of active users a month.
  • Client acquisition exceeded expectations, contributing to Payoneer’s phenomenal 4751% growth in 2012
  • The AdWords campaign scaled 10 fold in one year, covering over 200 countries and 16 different languages, with solid positive ROI.
  • The Business volume from online marketing is constantly growing.

Bottom line


The combination of a great product with culture-sensitive marketing strategy and execution, led to successful and profitable market penetration and enabled a substantial growth of business volume.


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