Google Analytics Custom Alerts
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Google Analytics Custom Alerts

December 7th, 2012, By

While Google Analytics displays pretty much everything that happens on your site, it’s hard to keep track on many technical aspects such as load time for certain pages, sanity of your registration process…etc.

Yet, these technical aspects are often critical in the conversion process. Furthermore, they tend to fluctuate given server, load, bandwidth and various other factors.

A great way to make sure you still stay on top of things is to set up Custom Alerts. Custom alerts are rules that you can set up to trigger an email or SMS notification when a condition is met. For each rule, you can decide which recipient will be notified.


Some good use cases are:

  • Alert sales team when online sales drop 15% below same day last week.
  • Alert SEO team when a page gets 15% less entrances week-over (see more SEO alerts)
  • Alert PPC team when clicks on a strategic keyword fall below target.
  • Alert IT when page-load times rise above 5 seconds.

To start setting up Custom alerts in your Google Analytics account go to Home → Intelligence Alerts → Overview → Custom Alerts → Manage custom alerts.

Check out this help video.