Enhanced Campaigns In Google Adwords
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Enhanced Campaigns In Google Adwords

February 7th, 2013, By

Google has announced an upcoming update to AdWords – Enhanced Campaigns, designed to simplify campaigns management in a multi-device world.


Enhanced Campaigns is addressing the growing role of mobile devices in our lives, as well as the variety of devices and screens and their impact on digital marketing. The number of Google searches from mobile devices is growing exponentially.

The new scheme will allow marketers to target all devices via a single campaign. Mobile-specific campaigns are eliminated. Tablets and desktops/laptops are being bundled together, as consumer behaviors on tablets and desktops are becoming very similar.


Enhanced Campaigns will not provide an option to run a mobile-only campaign, but desktop only campaign is still an option, requiring a specific tweak in settings.

As part of this roll-out, Google is also introducing some enhancements to ad extensions and App Extensions, which will be set at the ad group level (now, these only apply at the campaign level).

Sitelinks management will be modified to finally meet advertisers’ long lasting wish – individual link level reports (API/Online), enabling us to optimize & modify a specific sitelink based on its performance. Currently all sitelinks in use are measured as one block with aggregated statistics.


We at Seperia are preparing for the forthcoming change. As a close partner of Google we are working with the respective Google personnel to ensure optimal transition of all campaigns. The enhanced mode will be mandatory only in July 2013, allowing gradual and controlled transition.


Seperia now offers a wide range of Mobile Marketing services going beyond AdWords. We urge advertisers to take advantage of our Mobile capabilities to reach a growing potential customer base.