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Case Studies

“There is no doubt Seperia has been instrumental to BlueVine’s rapid growth.”

Eyal Lifshitz, CEO, BlueVine
Digital Marketing Case Study - Payoneer

“Seperia has a reputation for being #1 and we quickly learned why: they not only met our expectations but exceeded them”.

Eyal Moldovan, VP BD

“The results we receive from Seperia are above and beyond. We are lucky to work with such an excellent team of creative people.”

Michael Greenberg, CEO, Finance Magnates

“Seperia has been one of the largest and most reliable partners of AvaTrade for years.”

David Dryzin, CEO, AvaTrade
Digital Marketing Case Study - USAGC

“The decision to cooperate with Seperia was very smart. The activity is much wider than what we did in house, we entered new markets and languages and by using Seperia we were able to lower costs and maximize ROI.”

Eyal Dolinsky, CMO

“Seperia delivered great results- higher website traffic, sign ups % & conversion rates. Seperia is a great partner if you’re looking for consistent results over time.”

Ofir Platner, Online Marketing & Operations Manager
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Since 2003 Seperia has been helping hundreds of startups & enterprises grow online by leaps and bounds. See our case studies.

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