SEO Marketing


Until 2011, SEO used to be about relatively simplistic link building and production of content that too often didn’t add real value to users. However, sweeping changes in Google’s algorithms have changed all of that.


Contemporary SEO requires a holistic marketing approach, combining the basic SEO pillars (smart keyword targeting, information architecture, technical optimization) with a broader vision of how Google measures your site; Chrome’s 40% market share provides Google a comprehensive view of user behavior trends and the ubiquitous social media signals.


We believe that SEO marketing is a long-term strategic investment with a long lasting positive effect on your Direct-Response efforts and brand equity. Investment in truely useful and creative content, well designed page layout, attention to user experience and relevant targeting of all pages, will result in better visibility in search and social media, increased organic traffic and consequently more conversions.


Some existing and unfortunately common SEO practices may actually hurt your site’s rankings. Tactics like careless link buying, unedited user-generated content and low quality repetitive texts, may generate short term results, but will cause long term damage in Google and Bing organic results.


Our team has been practicing enterprise-level SEO with proven success across dozens of client websites, since 2003. We are committed to staying abreast with Google algorithm changes and to providing quality end-to-end solutions – from developing KPIs to ensure your profitability to SEO Audit and strategy, execution of content, architecture, link leveraging, code improvements and Mobile SEO.


At Seperia, we are constantly refining and adapting our methodologies to deliver you the best results, while always remaining 100% ethical and professional.


Pricing: Starting from $3000/month, according to scope.


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"We have been working with Seperia since 2008. Seperia’s expertise in SEO and online marketing, action-oriented culture of delivering results and its Edge.BI technology has proven to be strategic for our growth in client acquisition".

Yochai Levi, VP Marketing, Conduit