Uncovering Digital Talent With a New Course from Google and Seperia College

Uncovering Digital Talent With a New Course from Google and Seperia College

February 9th, 2017, By

PPC. Pay-Per-Click. Digital Marketing. No doubt if your business is online, you have heard of these terms. And as the digital economy continues to grow, so too does the demand for these services and more importantly, the individuals who practice them. Whilst there are many individuals who claim to be PPC professionals, the lack of standardized education in this field and awareness of the profession itself have resulted in a significant deficit of talented, skilled workers.


Talent Digitali Course


With this in mind, Google Israel established a PPC course to uncover the hidden talents in populations known to have minimal access to education in the digital field. As the only digital college in Israel run by a digital marketing company, Seperia College is proud to have partnered with Google Israel for the 2016 ‘Talent Digitali‘ course. Welcoming students from both the Arab and Jewish sectors, the course enabled underprivileged, yet talented individuals – who went through a serious screening process – to gain a quality education, preparing them for a successful career in the PPC and digital arena.


New- 2017 courses! Following the success of the 2016 course, Google Israel and Seperia College are teaming up again to present two new courses:


PPC Course, begins 16th of March 2017

Content Marketing Course, begins 2nd of April 2017


As places are limited, we are inviting interested NGO’s to Inquire About Participating! 


The Application Process

Seperia and Google reached out to a number of non-profit organizations that work with the course’s target population and asked them to submit the CVs of talented individuals who were interested in a career in digital marketing. The 84 applicants faced an intensive testing process that included tests in English proficiency, analytical mindset, level of “service orientation” and more. Those who passed the aptitude tests were invited to an interview with representatives from Google, Seperia and a non-profit organization. Following the interviews, 16 students were selected to join the new course.


The Course

The three month course comprised 25 classes on Google AdWords (from keyword research and account optimization to landing pages development and practical workshops) as well as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. As their learning progressed, students were tasked with preparing advertising plans, opening and configuring Google AdWords and Analytics accounts, building new campaigns and ad groups, creating ads and more.


Students also took part in a workshop to prepare them for the ‘real world’ which involved job seeking tips such as resume preparation, professional presentation and ‘role-play’ interview scenarios for students to practice their answers. Although the workshop was not originally included in the syllabus, Seperia College added it to the course for the students’ benefit.


The Internship

An important element of the course involved each student being placed in an internship with digital agencies in Israel. Completing a 20-40 hour internship within these organizations enabled students to apply their new knowledge in the real world, gaining experience and a taste for PPC work that would help them in their future careers.


The students were integrated into the every-day operations of the companies they worked for and were involved in preparing competitive and keyword research, uploading and optimizing campaigns and attending company meetings. Recruitment As the core focus of this course was to prepare students for the digital workforce, Seperia College is also assisting students in their search for employment upon graduating from the course. Each student was invited to a one-on-one mentoring session with Seperia’s HR manager which focused on their integration into the Israeli digital arena. This involved discussing their career ambitions and interests as well as how to construct their CVs and prepare for interviews.


Following these sessions, Seperia College sent out students’ CVs to relevant organizations within our large network of digital agencies and employer companies. Our HR manager is always available for students, supporting their progression through the job application process. Upon completing three months of employment, students and employers will also receive a call from our HR staff to ensure successful integration within the company.


Of the 16 students who entered the course, 15 graduated after successfully completing the course and 12 students decided to actively seek a career in digital marketing. At the time of publishing, nearly 50% of the class had already found a position in digital marketing (!), and the rest are currently in the recruitment process with various digital agencies and companies.


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